We want to keep you updated on the Government rules and protocols as well as our policies and implementation of those new protocols.

Office Policies:

Below you will see the steps that we have taken as well as links for additional information.

We have been sending out messages to all residents regularly with updated information. We have created this website page We understand that now more than ever, every dollar counts. Therefore, we have waived all late fees for the foreseeable future. We are offering payment plans to those who are unable to pay their rent in full and on time. Please contact your property manager to request the payment plan documentation.

We ask that all of our clients be cautious about how their actions affect others. Right now, we all need to work together, be patient, considerate and understanding. Many owners are carrying costs for tenants where they can until the tenants can afford to pay them back. On the other hand, many owners are also struggling to make ends meet. We implore you to not take advantage of this situation. Please be kind and understanding to others.

Tenants, we ask that you pay your rent in full if you can. If you can’t please pay what you can. Our landlords are at the mercy of the financial institutions that have not halted all mortgage payments, or if they have, interest is still accruing on those mortgages. Many of our landlords have also been laid off. Please also don’t take advantage of the subsidies if you do not need them. Many of our tenants are truly desperate and in need. Please save those funds for them.

Owners, please be patient and understanding for your tenants who can’t pay their rent in full or on time. If you can afford to help by temporally carry the costs we ask that you do what you can.

The government has also frozen rent increases from April 1st, 2019 to December 31st 2021. This means that if you have received a rent increase dated April 1st it is not effective until December 31st, 2021. We have recommended that owners not activate the rental increases on rentals unless they are very under market. All rent increases will be reviewed with the owners after the pandemic passes.

We ask that all of you activate your Buildium accounts as soon as possible if you have not already done so. Tenants, we ask that you reconsider using Buildium to pay your rent if you are currently using cheques. This is because the virus can live on the cheques for days afterwards and some of our staff who must handle the cheques have compromised immune systems. One of them is also pregnant. Therefore, we will be changing the way that we process cheques. By submitting them directly to the bank to process, we do have concerns that there may be a few errors. If this does happen, please let us know immediately and we will contact the bank to have the issue corrected. Again, I will ask that those who are using cheques convert to Buildium at least until this pandemic is over.

Owners, If you are not already moved over to direct deposit we request that you speak to our accounting department and organize that. We also ask that you activate your Buildium account as soon as possible in order to ensure efficient communication and to access your online statements.

Those of you who live in properties with multiple suites; please be aware that we’ve been instructed to restrict common areas. Therefore for your safety and the safety of the other residents, we ask that only two people enter a laundry room at any one time and maintain at least 6 feet distance apart, or whatever is allowed for the room. Please restrict the number of people in the elevator to one person or one household. We also encourage you to restrict your visitors for the safety of the other residents in your building. Please wear a mask when in any common areas regardless of your vaccination status. We are sorry to implement these restrictions and hope that all residents understand that it is strictly for your safety and the safety of the other residents.

Government Policies: August 24, 2021
The Province has lifted many of the pandemic restrictions on residential tenancies but we expect that some will be reintroduced as the number of infected rises again. The COVID-19 provincial state of emergency declared under the Emergency Program Act ended at 11:59 pm on June 30, 2021.

Public health guidance
Landlords and tenants should continue to follow on mask wearing, accessing common areas and accessing and showing rental units.

Masks in public indoor settings
Wearing masks in indoor public settings helps stop the spread of COVID-19.

Accessing common areas or rental units
Some people may not be comfortable with accessing common areas or rental units without some modifications. Landlords and tenants should work together to find solutions, where possible.

  • BC’s Restart Plan
  • Review province-wide restrictions
  • Read the Updated Recommendations on Open Houses statement from the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA)

Restricting use of common areas
Effective July 10, 2021, the provisions that allowed a landlord to reasonably restrict or schedule the use of common or shared areas to support physical distancing are repealed.

If the restrictions are kept in place by a landlord, a tenant could apply to the Director of the Residential Tenancy Branch for an order that their rent be reduced as a result of the landlord restricting a service or facility. A landlord would have to demonstrate to the Director that the restrictions are reasonable.

Rent repayment plan
Effective July 10, 2021, the requirement for landlords to give their tenants a repayment plan for unpaid rent or utilities due between March 18, 2020 to August 17, 2020, is repealed.

All unpaid rents and utilities should be repaid by July 10, 2021, unless the parties agreed to an alternative arrangement to extend payments beyond July 10, 2021.

If there are unpaid rent or utilities and there is no repayment plan in place to extend payments, a landlord may issue a 10-day notice to end tenancy for unpaid rent or utilities.

Rent increase freeze
The rent increase freeze was extended to December 31, 2021.

Annual rent increase notices with an effective date after March 30, 2020 and before January 1, 2022 are canceled. Do not pay the increased amount.

This rent increase freeze does not include commercial tenancies, non-profit housing tenancies where rent is geared to income, co-operative housing and some assisted living facilities
If you have a question about your living situation and the rent increase freeze please let us know.

Stay healthy!

Century 21 Team