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Strata Management

Discover a strata management service that redefines excellence – welcome to our expertise. Our seasoned team doesn't just manage spaces; we're devoted to optimizing your investment. Through a meticulous approach to owner collaboration, streamlined financial administration, and proactive maintenance, we enhance the value of your strata property. What distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to tailored service, transparent communication, and strategic planning. We recognize that your strata is more than a mere transaction – it's a promise to your community's future. From daily operations to strategic decisions, we adeptly navigate the intricacies of strata management, ensuring your property excels in today's competitive market.

Forms And Links

Designed to provide you with easy access to essential forms and informative links, streamlining your strata experience. Access necessary documents to ease your legal processes, we aim to simplify your interactions into one location. Click below for a comprehensive list of forms and links:

Strata Fee Payments

Making your Strata payments is quick and easy. These fees are essential in preserving the well-being of your community and allows our team to allocate resources for growth in the future. Click the link below to access the payment portal:

Our Services

Work with council to prepare an annual budget.

Prepare monthly financial statements for council including income and expense statements and disbursement reports

Invest and manage contingency reserve funds in order to maximize their earnings potential in a risk-free environment.

Assist in preparation of strata corporation bylaws and rules and ensure compliance of all owners of the complex at the direction of the strata council.

Conduct regular site visits to ensure maintenance standards are being met.

24 hour emergency line. We dispatch appropriate trades people who are available to us on a 24 hour basis for emergency call outs

Encourage newsletters within the complex on a regular basis as a method of communicating with residents.

Work with the strata council to plan future requirements for the strata corporation’s contingency reserve fund

Provide fast and efficient communication to address any urgent problems

Maintain records of, and collect other charges, such as parking, fines and arrears.

Attend regular strata council meetings, and update council on operations of the complex.

Filing and/or preparation of appropriate forms under the Strata Property Act, such as Forms B, F and K.

Dispatch appropriate maintenance and trades people, as required.

Ensure that all contract items are maintained at as reasonable a level as possible while maintaining standards set by the strata council.

Prepare notices, agenda and required information of annual general or special general meetings. Organize meeting times and location.

Generally, to liaise with all owners to ensure peace and harmony within the complex.

















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