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Owners Portal

Welcome to our comprehensive owners portal helping owners finding information with a click of a button. Login in to your profile to set up auto payments, see outstanding fees, or check the status of your property. To get started click the link below!

Helpful Steps

Upon first login you will see your homepage. It will say “Hello [Your Name]". From this screen you can see any outstanding balances/credits, if you have a scheduled payment. Any open requests that you have submitted, announcements for your property & lease information. To the left will be the following directory:


On this screen you will see your scheduled payments & your charges/payment history. You will also see the late fee policy to the right


From this screen you can submit any requests whether they be general inquiries or maintenance requests. Just click the green “create request” button


From this screen you will see any announcements that have to do with your property (ex: BC Hydro pole replacement power will be down April 29, 2020 from 1-3PM)


From here you can see any violations that may be attached to your unit


Any documents pertaining to your unit


From here you can create discussions within the strata that everyone can see

Setting Up Payments

  • From the main page 

  • Click “set up autopay”

  • Type in the amount you’d like to pay

  • Set up your banking information (institution number 3 numbers, transit number 5 numbers, then your account number)

  • Set up the payment date (For the first of the month)

  • Frequency is monthly

  • Hit next

  • Then confirm

One Time Payments

  • From the main page

  • Click “Make payment” green button

  • Select/enter amount you’d like to pay

  • Select bank account

  • Select payment date

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