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Our Story

Chris Markham is the Owner and Managing Broker of Century 21 Queenswood Realty. He entered the real estate business in 1984 and started his own independent brokerage in 1995. Recognizing the value of a franchise, in 2007 the company rebranded with Century 21. In 2013 the 50-year-old property management company, David Burr Ltd., was purchased, adding property and strata management to the real estate trading services already offered. We are located in the heart of Cadboro Bay with easy access to Downtown, Oak Bay and Saanich. Experience and market knowledge are trademarks of our high caliber sales associates as well as the property/strata management team.

David Burr Office Around 1970


Company Branded Logo


Current  Century 21 Office


Over The Years


David Burr Real Estate takes form in Victoria and creates a basis for what would later grow.


Chris Markham starts his own independent brokerage. When founded the business operated under “Markham Realty”.


David Burr Ltd., a 50 year old firm, was purchased and combined its operations with the Century 21 team.


Chris Marker (Owner) enters the real estate industry and begins his long professional career. Starting initially in the commercial business, he now over sees it all.


Markham Realty transforms its identity, recognizing the power of franchising and rebrands under Century 21!


Currently we operate in the heart of Cadboro Bay and provide realty, property and strata management services to the Victoria and surrounding cities.

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