Alicia Ryan

Alicia Ryan is an award-winning Realtor with a reputation for delivering results – an attribute that has made her a trusted name in the business. She has dedicated her career in Real Estate to helping new and returning clients find their dream home with the best terms. 
 Alicia grew up in Kimberly, BC and is licensed in both British Columbia and Alberta. Having earned her Realtor License in 2009, Alicia began her career in a boutique brokerage setting before she Co-founded the Dolce Real Estate Group, under Century 21.

She possesses an intimate understanding of the process behind buying and selling homes, and is there to lend her expert advice while managing the small print. She is with you every step of the way, from consultation to handing you the keys to your new home – the most rewarding part of the business for her.

Alicia has a charismatic, approachable charm that allows her to form a positive connection with everyone she meets. Her natural composure is comforting, if not contagious to those around her. Aside from being a Realtor, Alicia is a wife and mother to a growing family. She is in involved in various charities within her communities and is always looking to help others that are need. She enjoys getting outside to enjoy the small town activities she grew up with.